About Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area

About Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area (ISFBA) Background

ISFBA is an effort to catalog and photograph Bay Area insects. This effort began in 1997 at the University of California, Berkeley through a project called CityBugs. The goal of CityBugs was to bridge the digital divide between students at McClymonds High School in Oakland and faculty at the University of California. The technological centerpiece was a web-based field guide. Students at McClymonds High School students were trained in the technology used to create webpages. The focus of the website was Bay Area insects. Under ISMC the goal, now, is to foster inclusivity (meaning) in an exploration of the entomological sciences. ISMC provides training, events and social media opportunities for amateurs to get credit for their work. The contributions by amateurs to the entomological sciences are phenomenal. ISMC recognizes the contributions of amateurs and provides opportunities for these contributions to be exercised, celebrated and published.

Insects of the San Francisco is an effort to publish a field guide. More importantly, it is an effort to train up contributors who might otherwise not live out their dreams of participating in such an incredible science. The insects of the San Francisco Bay Area and not well known and support for their discovery, study and appreciation are the goal of the ISFBA project.

ISMC is calling upon scientists, naturalists, photographers and other urban dwellers to collaborate in "Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area" (ISFBA), an entomology outreach program that will train Bay Area residents to observe, recognize, collect, mount and photograph insects. Collaborators will post results onto a social networking website and in regionally specific learning aids. Workshops and field events began in parks and other Bay Area open space in April 2012. Work on the first edition of this field guide will conclude in 2017.

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