Insects of Del Puerto Canyon  

Del Puerto Canyon is favorite insect collecting and monitoring site for researchers and students at local colleges and universities. Del Puerto Canyon Road roughly follows the creek which fluctuates seasonally, but is generally still flowing in October. A good collecting site is the north fork of Del Puerto Creek. Del Puerto Canyon runs from the high elevation San Antonio Valley on the east side of Mount Hamilton, all the way down to the vast expanse of the Central Valley. This xeric landscape spans a myriad of different microhabitats, including chaparral, mixed oak, rolling grassland, and riparian. In what is becoming an increasingly rare set of habitats in Central California due to human encroachment, this area constitutes the edge of many species ranges, as well as a stronghold in the ranges for a number of others, and would be a good location for further scientific studies. - By Erica Strand & Jon Hirt

Insect Photo Survey Date(s):

Survey Dates:
September 6, 2012
October 13, 2012