Brad Smith  -  Happily married, retired sociologist living the politically correct life in Berkeley, California. I have a life-long interest in and curiosity about science and photography. The Insect Museum of California provides me with the opportunity to learn about insects and spiders, meet interesting people, and to look more closely at creatures that might otherwise escape my notice.
Eddie Dunbar  -  Eddie heads ISMC'S Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area Program, an outreach and publication effort. He has headed several entomology programs, including CityBugs for the University of California, Berkeley and multiple projects in Oakland Schools. In 2012 Eddie finished a revision of "Lake Merritt and Greater Oakland Insects".
Leslie Flint  - 
Michelle Sawyers-Harris  -  Michelle Sawyers Harris (aka "Bug Hugger") is an Ohio native who grew up as a tomboy exploring neighborhood woods and creeks. She is a graphic/web designer and marketer with a BA in Biology, an MS in Marketing and graduate coursework in Entomology. Currently, she is working on an MA in Zoology/Environmental Education. Her studies have taken her to Costa Rica and Belize, and she has focused her research on insect conservation and entomophagy. Michelle also started her own company, Green Matter. Her aim is to dispel misconceptions about bugs while encouraging people to explore nature and go green.