Insects of Dimond Park - Oakland, CA  

Nestled in the middle of central Oakland, Dimond Park provides a variety of recreation activities in a tree-filled setting; Lion's Pool, tennis courts, playgrounds, basketball, demonstration and community education gardens, BBQ and Picnic rentals. Sausal Creek flows through the park where you can access the hiking trails. Programs and events for children and families are available through the Recreation Center. Dimond Park is part of the Sausal Creek Watershed maintained by Oakland Public Works Parks Maintenance and also the Friends of Sausal Creek (FOSC). FOSC restores native plants and trees and monitors aquatic invertebrates, inclduing insects, to make predictions about stream health. In 2010, Dimond Park was host to "Shoot the Shed," an event that photographed many of the park's terrestrial insects.

Insect Photo Survey Date(s):

Years: 2005-2010