Alex Miller-Cole  - 
Dianne Fristrom, Ph.D.  -  Dianne Fristrom, Ph.D. is a retired cell biologist from U.C.Berkeley. An amateur botanist, she has a keen interest in wildflower photography and digital graphics. She lives part of the year in Oakland and part in Southern Oregon.
Eddie Dunbar  -  Eddie heads ISMC'S Insects of the San Francisco Bay Area Program, an outreach and publication effort. He has headed several entomology programs, including CityBugs for the University of California, Berkeley and multiple projects in Oakland Schools. In 2012 Eddie finished a revision of "Lake Merritt and Greater Oakland Insects".
Helen Minnis  - 
Jim Ryugo  -  Jim Ryugo is a naturalist and graduate of the University of California, Davis. His contributions are mostly from the Gardens at Lake Merritt and Davis, CA. Jim retired as Park Maintenance Manager for Oakland Parks. Jim's vision for using Oakland Parks to conserve local biota has inspired many City of Oakland staff.
Tora Rocha  -  Victoria "Tora" Rocha is an ISMC Board Member. Tora helps ISMC to connect with opportunities to increase habitat for insect pollinators. She is also a Park Maintenance Supervisor for the City of Oakland and oversees the grounds of Lakeside Park, North America's first wildlife sanctuary.